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It was on Saturday the 25. August. Manchester United were hosting Fulham at Old Trafford and everyone was looking for a great game. But though it was an exciting match with 5 goals and victory to Manchester utd., a tragic and terrifying accident affected Wayne Rooney by the Fulham player Hugo Rodallegas . A 15 cm long flesh wound, which was so deep that you almost could see the bone. The United legend were driven straight to the hospital, and is most likely to face 2 months off the pitch which scares United boss Sir Alex Ferguson though their recently purchase of Robin Van Persie, who also scored a beautiful goal against Fulham.

But this isn’t the first time an injury like this occurred. Back in 2004, the rather short but fast wingplayer Domenico Giampa were injured in a Serie A match between Messinas and Lecce. The winger tried to get a foot on the ball to keep it on court, but fast footed player ran to fast and crashed into a billboard.

STYGT: Messinas Domenico Giampà flerret opp låret og muskelen i 2004, og måtte sy hele 147 sting.

As you can see on the picture above, Giampa was seriously injured and had to sew 147 stitches in his thigh, but though his injury, he played 4 months later and still does.

But there has been another injury like these two, which happened in 1981. It was in the Bundesliga match between Werder Bremen and Arminia Bielefeld, where Norbert Siegmann who played for Werder Bremen, tackled Edwald Lienen and became responsible for opening Lienen thigh.

Lienens wound was 23 cm long, and it was sewn 25 stitches. Many people thought his football carreer was over, but the german was a tough guy, and was back playing football again just 17 days after the injury.




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  1. Too bad for Wayne Rooney. Looks like a nasty wound. I’m sure Manchester United will continue winning.

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