Personal favourites: The monolingual dictionary

Hey guys and girls! It’s been a week since i started blogging and i’ve already got 23 visitors, Amazing! But let’s not get too off topic. Todays topic is nothing less than a personal favourite, the monolingual dictionary. I’ve got send this link from my teacher and had to check it out, and o’boy, dat link!

The site included not one or two monolingual dictonaries, but seven! And as you probably understands if you’re an student like me, a god monolingual dictonary is essential. Though all the seven dictonaries seems spendid, I think there’s one who really stands out, In my opinion, this is an extraordinary dictonary because you can get different definitions of the same word by choosing business english, essential british etc.

I enjoyed as well, because it always showed so many informative definitions per search, and the layout was nice too.


I hope this was informative .




About haakonmasst

Hey guys! My name i Haakon Masst, i'm 16 years old and live in Norway! This blog is an english school project that will last trough this school year. Follow me!
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One Response to Personal favourites: The monolingual dictionary

  1. Pretty amazing that a monolingual dictionary can be such a treat! You might have shared with you readers more about why you liked this one and how it differs from the others you tried?

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