3 News, 3 Countries

News from England Manchester Evening News:
Police fined after a memory stick holding the names of informants was stolen from a detective’s home


Some days ago, a memory stick containing the names of people who tip off officers was stolen from a detective’s home.An intruder walked into the officer’s house in Grotton, Oldham, after he left his back door open and took his wallet and keys to his black Volkswagen Golf, which was also stolen. The memory stick, which was neither password protected or encrypted was in the officer’s wallet. The Greater Manchester Police were fined 120 000£ by the Information Commission Office, and said in their report there were ‘significant failings’ surrounding the blunder.

Now the ICO reveals how:

  • Details of 1,075 people gathered over an 11-year period were lost
  • These people are now at risk of physical harm if the information falls into the hands of ‘untrustworthy third parties’
  • A similar data breach occurred in September 2010 but lessons had not been learned
  • The memory stick has still not been recovered
  • There were a staggering 1,000 more unencrypted devices within GMP at the  time

It is understood the names were not regular police informants but members of the public who passed on sensitive allegations about drug-dealing.The memory stick is also believed to have included details of previous police anti-drug operations, potential targets for arrest, and officers’ names.The police have now contacted all those whose names were on the list to let them know their personal details have been lost.

Lynne Potts, Assistant Chief Officer at GMP, says this about the case: “This was very much an isolated incident. We take all matters relating to the storage of data extremely seriously and have stringent measures in place to ensure the safe storage of data.”


Taxi boss’s Wife shot dead

A week ago, the wife of an Eastern Cape taxi boss was shot and killed. Nomvuyo Kozana, 38, died moments after being admitted to the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthath. The woman was shot twice, in her upper body and in her head.
Her widover, Mongezi Kozana, is at home with minor injuries he received during the attack.

Mongezi believes it was him, the two men were going to kill. A week before the shooting, Mongezi received a phone call saying “your time will be up” and that he should watch his back. He claims that the threat he received was by members of the newly established Nateo.

News from Australia’s ‘The Daily Telegraph’
Bus on fire!
A local bus was travelling on its usual route down Sydney’s famous Oxford Street, when the engine suddenly burst into flames!
Over 30 passengers were evacuated and an ambulance was on standby, but luckily not needed. The blaze broke out around 9:30am and was extinguished by two fire units. The accident happened near Taylor Square and Oxford Street was closed between Crown Street and Flinders Street all morning.
Investigations are still ongoing; the cause of the fire is still unknown. All lanes on Oxford Street are reopened, but motorists and bus passengers must expect delays.




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