Oh Sandy

In class this week we worked in groups of three, and we were supposed to either write about the Presidential Election, or Sandy the Hurricane. We chose Sandy the Hurricane, and first we wrote four things we knew about the event, then four things we would like to find out, and four tmethods we could use to learn more about it.

Here are the questions we wanted to learn more about:
1. How many are injured or has died totally?
2. How much has the storm cost so far?
3. Where did the hurricane begin?
4. Which place are most damaged so far?

The Answer:
Last week, a hurricane called Sandy, killed more than 65 peoples in the Caribbean and about 106 lives went lost total. Sandy arrived to the Caribbean and Haiti first, and the hurricane destroyed 70% of Haiti’s food crops and several buildings and homes were destroyed. The dirty water (which was caused by the hurricane) and lack of food makes that numbers of dead raises every day, because of illness like Cholera.
Later, Sandy hit the west coach of the United States. The damages caused a flood underground the subway, and led to all the public transport went down. As in the Caribbean, threes felt down and increased the number of deaths in America too. Lots of Building and cars were destroyed and most of the electronic is still down. The Number of the injured aren’t published yet.
According to IHS Global Insight, a forecasting firm, believes that Sandy will end up causing about $20 billion in property damage and $10 billion to $30 billion more in lost business, making it one of the costliest natural disasters on record in the U.S., with a possible total cost of $50 billion. The Gov. Chris Christie said. “The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we’ve ever seen. The cost of the storm is incalculable at this point.”
The United States weren’t the only country Sandy affected. Both Cuba and Jamaica were some of the affected countries in the Caribbean, and is expected to use $88 million and $16.5 million to rebuild their countries. Haiti was also tragically touched by the storm, and while no specific number of the cost has been published, the country is suffering a great food crisis.
But where did the hurricane begin, and which place was most damaged? The storm, Sandy, hit the Caribbean first, and it was Haiti who was worst hit. According to what we read Jamaica was the first to get hit, but it was still Haiti who was most affected and who got the biggest damages. The majority of deaths and the most extensive damage has fell upon Haiti, who was already devastated from the earthquake in 2010. The damage is especially significant since it already was 400.000 homeless people in Haiti from the earthquake in 2010, and now there are 200.000 more homeless people. On top of all this Haiti was also struggling with the aftermath of The Tropical Strom Isaac, which hit the country in August, and a cholera epidemic that killed thousands and afflicted more than half a million people. As this article says, there has almost been given none attention to Haiti and the other countries in the Caribbean, only to the USA. There has been given very much attention to the storm when it hit the USA, but almost nothing to Haiti – who is most damaged. Lots of people are dead or injured, or without electricity in the US, but Haiti was also struggling with the damages from the earthquake in 2010 and the Tropical storm Isaac. Luckily for Haiti, there is a lot of charity sites who gives support, and Venezuela is also giving away lots of food. Also because of the Presidential Election there is given a lot of attention to the USA, but maybe it would have been possible to wait for a little while and focus on helping all the countries who are hit?



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2 Responses to Oh Sandy

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Håkon:) You have written a good text with a lot of information, and I liked that you published both the plan for the lesson, and the questions you wanted to answer, in the introduction. I didn’t know that the hurricane destroyed 70 % of Haiti’s food crops, or that in addition to the US, places like Cuba and Jamaica were hit. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Silje says:

    Really good article about Sandy the hurricane! It was well written and really interesting:)

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