What I’ve done today

We didn’t have to do much this Tuesday, but I‘ve wrote some new material for our class’ in-depth project, where wrote about the benefits of using new technology for school work, and I’ve also started to read ‘the book thief’.

Kulde (Foto: Misha Japaridze/Scanpix/AP)

This was me this morning, it’s bloody cold!




About haakonmasst

Hey guys! My name i Haakon Masst, i'm 16 years old and live in Norway! This blog is an english school project that will last trough this school year. Follow me!
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3 Responses to What I’ve done today

  1. TEPS2012 says:

    How cold was it?? We have just had lots of snow in the UK.

  2. Hope you are enjoying your book. Sometimes it takes some time to get started!

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