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Social Inequality

In this article, I’m going to talk about how literature and films can make people more aware of social inequality. Social inequalities are situations where people in a society, do not have equal social status and can be caused by … Continue reading

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The Book Thief

  Write an entry on your blog. Call it my reading of…..(name of book) Make a table and in the left hand column write 4 different paragraphs from the book from each of the following topics: Theme, setting, plot and … Continue reading

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What I’ve done today

We didn’t have to do much this Tuesday, but I‘ve wrote some new material for our class’ in-depth project, where wrote about the benefits of using new technology for school work, and I’ve also started to read ‘the book thief’. This … Continue reading

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I will read a book!

I’ve chosen to read ‘The book thief’ written by Mark Zusak, which was ‘The New York Times’ best selling book when it first came out. I’m really excited!

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The Beat

The popular social photo service Instagram has had much to contend with at the moment, and now it seems there’s more to come. Recently, a new service called The Beat, made ​​from Rutgers Social Media Information Labs, connects geotagged photos uploaded … Continue reading

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Apple gadgets

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some YouTube videos featuring new cool Iphone and Ipad gadgets which you probably never knew exist! Be sure to check them out: Nano nails Canopy sensus Ollo clip

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The Trafalger Square Christmas Tree

Every year, Norway sends a Christmas tree to England to show their friendship and gratitude for Britain’s assistance during World War II. The tree, which is usually 20 to 25 m in height and about 60 years old, is then shipped … Continue reading

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